Poker Betting

350px-MarvelPokerBefore you enter into any poker game it is incredibly important to understand the fundamental principles of betting.

At most poker tables, be it land based or online poker rooms, the small blind, who is the player sitting immediately to the left of the button or dealer as it were will place an Ante. All players will then follow this player and place the Ante, whereupon completion, the first cards will be dealt.

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The next round of betting will once again start with the person sitting in the small blind position who will place the small blind bet (half of the big blind) where after the person immediately to left of this player will place the big blind. These two bets are predetermined amounts set by the house before the game starts and each player thereafter will follow placing bets accordingly.

Another set of cards will now follow with a betting round where players can Fold, Check or Raise. To Fold means that you no longer want to take part in the game and place your cards face down on the table. To Call, means that you will match the bet placed by the player immediately to your right and to Raise means that you will not only match this players bet, but you will raise it as well.

Each game has its own amount of betting round and its own amount of cards that will be dealt to players in either hold cards (cards not exposed to other players) and/or Community Cards (Cards placed on the table face up for all players to see and use). Between each card being dealt a betting round will take place until the Showdown happens, which signifies the end of the game.

No more cards and no more betting will now take place and all cards will be placed on the table, face up and the person holding the highest value of cards, or the lowest value in cards depending on the game played, will now take the pot which is all the money that has accumulated through the bets that were placed on the table for the duration of that game.