4 Things They Don’t Tell You Before Visiting Vegas

02-poker-01Visiting Las Vegas is an exciting time however you do need to be careful. There are some closely guarded secrets many people won’t let you in on before visiting, but guess what? It must be your lucky day because we are about to do just that! Here are 4 things you won’t get told anywhere else before visiting Vegas:

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Don’t Gamble Alongside The Locals

When you go to sit down at a table to play, pay attention. If the dealer greets anybody at the table by name, you should leave. This is because these players are locals, and they could be playing every day. These kinds of people will actually make their living of people just like you…it’s nowhere near as easy as online roulette! Politely ask the floor supervisor for a table change, before it’s too late! Ideally, you need to find a game where you’re playing against other tourists. Maybe even try to find a table full of drunk tourists (hey, it’s not cheating!). If you really want us to make it easy for you, go to The Venetian at around 3 in the morning, located just under the big club TAO. There will be hoards of drunk men on their way down the escalator ready to play with you!

Drink For Cheap At The Wynn

One great thing about visiting Las Vegas – the casinos serve free alcoholic beverages to all gamblers! You don’t even have to sit down at an expensive blackjack table – they’ll still bring you cocktails while you’re sat at the slot machines. Do this before you go to the clubs to get some good cheap pre drinking in. You’ll save loads of money a night, and if you go to a casino called The Wynn you’ll have the best time. The Wynn serves free mojitos and even brand name tequila – just don’t forget to tip your waitress a dollar for every drink. While in the area, you can also pay the koi pond a visit. It’s a relaxing, tranquil room located on the strip but hardly anybody knows it exists!

Mix Gambling And Shopping

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All the big casinos in Vegas have there own boutiques attached to them. Not many of these boutiques are reasonably priced, however. They’re there for one purpose – for gamblers who have won a big amount of cash to begin instantly spending their money. Saying this, a couple of the casinos do have decent shops attached to them, for example Miracle Mile at Planet Hollywood.

Take The Excitement Back Home

Your hotel will have a gift shop, but forget getting your souvenirs from there! If you really want to take some exciting souvenirs home, you want to get a taxi to the Gamblers General Store. They have old blackjack tokens, multi coloured dice – pretty much everything you can think of that’s related to the industry. If you really want to impress your friends visiting the Gamblers General Store is an absolute must!