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Real Money Games

One of the overall most professionally done sites and easy to use poker rooms on the net this is one of our personall favorites! Bodog has more information and more options than just about any other online poker rooms. Founded in 1995, Bodog is the top ranked US facing online gambling brand and a trusted source of betting information by such organizations as CNN, ESPN and USA Today. (more…)

Heads-up Poker

All tilt except the premium can be folded when your tilt subsides in a full-ring game, but this cannot be played in Heads-up poker. Lack of good control of tilt will lead to loss of money in heads-up poker. To effectively hand read, you need to watch your opponent keenly in order to improve. To beat your opponent, keep monitoring your readings and leave the hand history  unclosed. Determining whether your opponent has a good or weak hand is what can help you suceed in a win. (more…)

Mansion player wins free seat to WSOP

Rayman 754 backed a $15 salve offer in the mail to give Mansion Poker a try for free. He used part of that free-hit-or-miss money on a $1 Turbo metro where he won himself a party emblem into the $10 Daily Final. In the $10 Daily Final he won a furloughing to the Super Satellite, where he won a $16,000 mound package that will send him to Las Vegas to play in the 2008 WSOP Main Event. (more…)

Full Tilt Poker

At Full Tilt Poker you can get a 100% bonus if you deposit. With a maximum bonus of $600 full tilt really does offer one of the best deposit bonuses around. On top of this they regularly run lots of guaranteed tourneys, for regular players there is a Ironman promotion where you will be rewarded for regularly playing on full tilt, on top of that there is lots of prizes to be won on the tournament and sitngo leader boards and last of all they run a very generous refer a friend promotion that you and a Friend can take (more…)

Head to head

* With only 2 players at the table the dealer is also a Small Blind and is therefore the first to speak
* When a new player sits down at a poker table game in progress, to start the game may decide either to wait until his turn came to make the big blind in the pot or put the pot immediately a sum equivalent to the big blind and take part the game right away. Even if you choose this second option, the amountput on the plate is considered “alive”, that is part of the bet of that player in that hand of poker. (more…)

The Showdown

All poker hands that have come to the final round of bets Showdown, ie the time when the players show the cards in his possession and is determined the winner.
The first showdown is the player who started the last action in the final round of betting and, after him, there are all of the other clockwise the showdown if and only if the combination is in their possession able to beat the previous ones. (more…)

Carolina poker

Finally, the PPA’s friendly media fetch was uniform badly made-up or emotionally executed. Here are a few examples of the Twitter messages sent out to more than 1,200 Twitter followers during the soiree.
“at the Greenville NC poker Gedankenexperiment which just started.” “Greenville, confutation just said that no one has every been fascinated for playn poker n SC!



No purchase bingo bonuses

bingo bonuses The online bingo game can be a lot of fun and at the same time there are tons of promotions available for the new players that are just signing up for the first time at a bingo site. And one of the most exciting of them is represented by the no purchase bingo bonuses. These bonuses are given out very often to the new players and in case you choose the right online bingo sites, you will get the chance to have a lot of fun, win real money prizes and never risk a dime of your own money. However one thing that you should definitely be able to take into consideration is the wagering requirements (more…)

Certain peculiarities of Omaha Poker

With four cards instead of two you might think that there are twice as many combinations as possible with Texas Hold’Em Poker, and the possible combinations are six times more, and that’s what makes it so different from Omaha Poker Texas Hold ‘ Em With a hand like AKQJ is possible to form six discrete pairs: (more…)

Texas Hold ‘Em

So I’m pretty sure you’ve at least heard of Texas Hold ‘Em. Even if you’re not big into poker games, you’ve more than likely heard of the game. It’s really hard not to have seeing as how it’s played on ESPN, the Travel Channell and more. With it’s popularity, there are more and more people wanting to play and learn how to play. (more…)